We are always looking for corporate partners and sponsors to support the team's training, which is extensive year-round. We are currently on a two year push to get to France for the Club Crew World Championships in 2020. The first step is the Canadian Championships in July 2019 in Regina, SK.

Sponsorship opportunities

We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support.

GWN Dragon Boat www.gwndragonboat.com
Thank you for your generous sponsorship for our regatta each year.

6Vowels Consulting Services www.6Vowels.com
The Outer Harbour Senior Women would like to thank 6Vowels Consulting Services for their generous donation of our team duffel bags. The personalized bags keep us organized and ready for racing! Thank you for continuing to host and manage our website.

Regatta Sport www.regattasport.com
Thank you for supporting our women's regatta each year.

RYPL.com www.rypl.com
Thank you for your generous support of our team.

Gotstyle www.gotstyle.com
Thank you for your generous support of our regatta.


Dragon Boat Canada The official governing body for the sport of dragon boat racing in Canada
IDBF International Dragon Boat Federation
Outer Harbour Premier Women Our sister team for women under 40