CCWC – Szeged, Hungary


The True North Senior Women arrived in Szeged, Hungary ready to do our best. Many of our team had never been to a World Championship before and we were excited about everything. The sights and sounds of the Opening Ceremonies helped us get psyched up for race day. Our first day of racing was the 500 m races. We were right in it, coming within mere fractions of a second from the teams that made the podium. On our second racing day, the 200 m finals saw a torrential downpour for the minute of the race, and we missed the podium by 0.1 seconds. On our final day of racing, we poured on the tenacity and self-believe. The 2 Km on the River Tisza was a different experience than racing in a closed race course. The current on the river made turn 1 and turn 3 extremely challenging, and turn 2 was the fastest turn ever. Coming back into the dock, we weren’t sure how we placed and we had to wait for the final results, but soon after we were confirmed in second place. We got on the podium to receive our silver medals and happily sang ‘Oh Canada’ with the rest of the Canadian ladies.

The TNSW are ready to train hard and are hungry for the podium at next year's Nationals in Regina. We have our sights on earning a berth for the 2020 CCWC in France.

Lachine Knock-Outs

June 9th

Short races, fast paces. The Lachine Knockout attracts some of the most competitive women's crews in Eastern Canada. The True North Senior Women faced some of their Ontario and Quebec rivals this past weekend, as we raced 200 m sprints in the Lachine Canal. We started the knockout round in 8th place and made it to the last heat, knocking out two other boats in the division. We finished the regatta in 2nd place of the B Division.

Pickering Regatta

June 2nd

The True North Senior Women raced in the Sport Division at the Pickering Dragon Boat Challenge. The day started out with 500 m heats into a headwind. As the day progressed with 200 m races and then 500 m finals, the wind had completely turned around. Our team got better as the day progressed and we finished third overall. Our sister team, the True North Premier Women won the Sport Division.

Toronto Women's Regatta At Heart Lake

May 27th

We had another beautiful day at Heart Lake with perfect weather and a sold out crowd. Thank you to the 28 teams that attended and participated at this event. This year saw the addition of two teams from the USA as well as many familiar faces returning.

Teams got to paddle three distances: 500 m, 200 m knockouts and a 2 km to round out their day. This was a fantastic way to start the 2018 racing season. See you again next year on Sunday May 26, 2019!


Lachine Knock-Outs

June 10th

This is our third time racing in the Lachine 200 metre Knock-Outs in Montreal. What a wonderful day of racing. We came in 4th in the A Division chasing 3 Premier Teams.

Pickering Regatta

June 3rd

Outer Harbour SW raced in the Women's Sport Division in Pickering. The day was clear and sunny… perfect for racing. We came in a tight 3rd in the A Division with some awesome Premier competition, one of which was our sister team, Outer Harbour Premier Women who came in first.

Toronto Women's Regatta At Heart Lake

May 28th

Well, the weatherman was wrong…11 years running and near perfect weather for the Toronto Women's Dragon Boat Festival in beautiful Heart Lake, Brampton!

We had 24 women's teams that gave us lots of racing opportunity: 500 metres, 200 metre Knock-Outs and exciting 2K races. What an incredible way to kick off our paddling season and see so many of our paddling sisters.

This is truly a celebration of women on the water!


GWN Sport Challenge

July 16th

What an awesome summer day of racing! We arrived before 8:00am and finished up after 5:00pm! A very satisfying day of racing! We raced 500, 200 and a fabulous 2K, complete with crashing boats in a turn. Outer Harbour Premier and Senior Women came in First and Second in the Women's Sport division.

Lachine Knock-Outs

June 11th

Was a wonderful team building regatta for both our Premier and Senior Women! We raced 200 meters until there was only the two Outer Harbour teams left. Outer Harbour Premier Women taking the A Division and Outer Harbour Senior Women taking the B Division. This was a first in 10 years that the winners were out of town teams! Staying at Saint Anne's Convent right across the street from the regatta ensured we were race-ready and well rested. The wonderful 22 Dragons generously let us use their gym and boats for our mini-camp on the Sunday. Yes, the weather Gods gave us weather to toughen us for the rest of the season !

Pickering Regatta

June 4th

Was unusual because the sun was shining! Outer Harbour raced strong and made it to the A Division in Women's Sport. Our Premier Team came in first place and we came in a very close 4th (less than a 100th of a second) behind PDBC Premier Women. Great to be pushed by such awesome women's teams, including NDRC who came in second.

Toronto Women's Regatta At Heart Lake

May 29th

Was our 10th year hosting and promoting women on the water. It was a wonderful first race of the season and the most teams ever at our event (27!!!).


Great White North

September 12th and 13th

Came in second to Entre Amies in the Premier A Division, edging our sister team, Premier Women by a photo finish. A hard-won silver medal!


August 8th

Cold, wet day in Woodstock! Some of the Hammerheads joined us for a great day of racing and we finished 4th in the A Division against the top GTA mixed teams.

Great White North Sport

July 4th

Won all distances, racing against the US National Senior A team!

Canadian National Championship

June 25, 26 and 27th

Weather was unbelievable! Huge winds with teeming rain and cold! Despite this we managed a tight second overall against the amazing Montreal Women's Senior A team. Of particular pain was the 2K...all you could hear was the rattling of the paddles on the gunnels as we trembled in the cold, waiting to start the race! This was the first time they had 6 turns for the 2K and most teams forgot to stop (including us! ☺)

Lachine Knock-Outs

June 13th

What a fun day of racing! All 200 meter races! Great opportunity to race against competitive women's crews.


June 6

We were nipping at the heels of NDRC and our Premier Women in the Women's Sport Division, finishing third.

9th Annual Toronto Women's Dragon Boat Festival

May 24

We had a great day hosting our own festival with a record number of teams attending. Finished a close second behind our Premier Women.


Success in Italy!

The Outer Harbour Senior women travelled to Ravenna, Italy for the International Dragon Boat Federation's Club Crew World Championships on September 3rd to 7th. This 9th edition of the CCWC's was the culmination of a year of intensive training, which paid off at the finish line; the team won gold for their 2km, 500m and 200m races, setting team history both with a clean sweep and with their new 200m record. Canadian teams dominated the podium for the Senior A Women's Division; the Outer Harbour Senior Women would like to congratulate the amazing Sport Chicks of Ottawa, and 22 Dragons and H2o Playground of Montreal, all of whom are elite athletes and fierce competitors.

Canadian National Dragon Boat Championships

The Outer Harbour Senior Women competed at the Canadian National Dragon Boat Champions on July 5th and 6th at Welland International Flatwater Centre, which will host canoe and kayak competitions for the Pan Am Games next summer. In preparation for the games, TO2015 widened a section of the canal to meet international competition standards, built two new buildings, including a timing tower and the athlete centre, and added a plaza, start towers and permanent seating for 500 spectators. The new facilities were broken in by approximately 2,000 athletes from 84 teams, including teams from as far away as Trinidad and Tabago. The Outer Harbour Senior Women were the only Senior A Division team to win all race distances (200m, 500m and 2km) with a clean sweep, making them two-time National Champions. The Outer Harbour Senior Women competed against Montreal Senior Women of 22 Dragons in Montreal and Sportchicks of Bytown Dragon Boat Club in Ottawa and would like to acknowledge the women of these two teams, who are fierce competitors and true professionals. We all push each other to be better athletes and could not reach the level of competition that we do without each other. Ladies, we are honoured to count ourselves among your ranks.

Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival

The Outer Harbour Senior Women attended the Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival at Toronto Island on June 21st and 22nd. This regatta is one of the largest in the GTA, with over 5,000 athletes in attendance from Canada and internationally. The team won the 200m sprint and won gold in the Women's Sport Division for their 500m races, for the second year running.

Pickering Dragon Boat Challenge

The Pickering Dragon Boat Challenge took place at Frenchman's Bay on Saturday, May 31st. The sun shone done upon one of the four biggest races in the GTA, which included competitors from the U.S. The Outer Harbour Senior Women won gold in the Women's Sport Division and are looking forward to our next competition at Toronto Island on June 21st and 22nd.

8th Annual Toronto Women's Dragon Boat Festival

The Outer Harbour Senior Women hosted our 8th Annual Toronto Women's Dragon Boat Festival on Sunday, May 25th at Heart Lake Conservation Area.

This was our festival's third year at Heart Lake and we continue to expand; twenty one teams attended, some from as far away as Windsor, London and Collingwood, making this our most well-attended event to date. We had a beautiful, sun-shiny day and enjoyed the camaraderie of our fellow female athletes for the 500m races, 200m knock-out and, the grand finale, the 2km! Some teams had never before completed a 2km race and the jubilation as they crossed the finish line was a joy to see!

The Outer Harbour Senior Women stepped down from first place to award $300 in prize money plus a training package from Afterburn Fitness valued at $970 to the Outer Harbour Premiere Women, $200 for 2nd prize to Stonehookers, and $100 for 3rd prize to Rowbust #2. Many thanks to these spectacular teams for a great day of competition, and to all of our Sisters in dragon boating for supporting our event. You make this regatta the celebration that it is! We hope to see you all next year, on Sunday May 24th 2015.