True North Senior Women's Dragon Boat Team

A competitive team committed to competing at the highest level of women's dragon boat racing.

About Our Team

The TNSW practice in the relative calm of the Marilyn Bell racing site, conveniently located near High Park, with ample parking nearby.

Team members are expected to maintain a high level of fitness by following all aspects of the weight training, running and practice programs. Regular weight and pool training sessions are conducted in the off-season.

In 2019 we joined with 4 other teams to form the True North Paddling Club. Prior to this we were the Outer Harbour Senior Women Dragon Boat Team


  • 2nd Place finish in Canadian National Championship in Welland 2015
  • First Place finish in Canadian National Championships in Welland 2014 with a sweep in all distances!
  • 3 gold medals at the 2014 Club Crew World Championships in Ravenna Italy. First place in medal standings for Senior A Standard Boat overall.
  • 1st place finish at the Canadian National Championships in Victoria B.C. 2013
  • 1 silver, 1 bronze and a 4th place at the 2012 Club Crew World Championships in Hong Kong, July 2012.
  • 3rd place finish in the 2K and earned a berth to the 2012 CCWCs at National Championships, Welland Ontario, July 2011
  • 3 bronze medals at the 2010 Club Crew World Championship, Macau. China
  • 1 gold medal in 2000m and bronze medals in 500m and 200m at the 2008 Crew Club World Championship, Penang, Malaysia
  • 3 gold medals at the 2007 World Dragon Boat Championship, Sydney, Australia
  • 2 silver, 1 bronze and a 5th place in 2006 at the Club Crew World Championship in Toronto


Summer: May 1 - mid-September

  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 5:45 - 7:00 am
  • Friday evenings: 6:15 - 7:30 pm

Winter: Program: November - April 30

Winter practice times have changed to 9:00 11:30 am (still on Sundays at MCC)

  • Paddle Pool
  • Weight circuit
  • Core

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Under 40?

If you are under 40 and would like to be part of the True North Premier Women check out their site.

History of Dragon Boating

Dragon boat racing has its origin in 290 BC China when the great poet and wiseman Chu Yuan threw himself in the Miluo River to protest the corruption of his beloved homeland. People of the town searched the river in a vain effort to find him.

Each year thereafter they celebrated his life and teachings by holding dragon boat races on the fifth month of the Chinese calendar. Eventually the tradition spread to all corners of the world and, today, dragon boat racing is the world's fastest growing sport.

A dragon boat crew is made up of 20 people, who paddle to the beat of a drummer at the bow, while a steersperson, at the stern, calls the race. Although dragon boat races are typically 500 metres, they can range from 100-metre sprints to 6-km tests of endurance. Competitive teams generally complete a 500-metre race in 2 to 2.5 minutes.